Passionnée par le naturel…

I am Aimée Abra TENU-LAWANI, entrepreneur and passionate about nature since my young age. I am a daughter of entrepreneur parents and especially of a former soap mum! YES ! It was my mother who passed on to me her passion and her methods that I could improve through several trainings received in Lomé but also in Switzerland.

The time has come for our companies to bring good to our health but also to our environment. This commitment, I emphasize in all my initiatives; that’s why I chose cold saponification so that Kari-Kari and Pomédi soaps are surgras, natural standards and conserve the benefits of vegetable oils for our skin.

The adventure Kari-Kari and Pomédi and what do I know in the coming months, I wish it 100% natural! 100% ecological! 100% Vegetable! 100% made in Togo!

Take care of your skin every day with Kari-Kari soaps, handmade soap with vegetable oils.