Cold soap is good for the skin

Cold soap is good for the skin, especially for dry skin because it is naturally rich in glycerin and enriched in fat.
Overgrading with vegetable oils contributes to the protection of the epidermis, especially when these oils are selected for their virtues. All our Kari-Kari and Pomédi soaps are surgras, with a rate of surgras between 5% and 8% of the soap.
Glycerine is produced by the saponification phase, and unlike other manufacturing methods, even artisanal, we do not release to remove glycerin because it is particularly moisturizing for the skin. It helps to restore the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis (a protective film that covers the skin).
Other moisturizing elements present in cold saponified soaps, unsaponifiables are, as their name suggests, elements that are not transformed during the saponification process. Present at a level of a few percent in vegetable oils, they are considered beneficial for the skin especially for dry skin.
The absence of added chemicals greatly limits the risk of irritation to people with sensitive skin.
Kari-Kari soaps offer the guarantee of a natural, super-rich and gentle soap for your skin.